Complete customer satisfaction is my ultimate goal. Wholesale Partners or Mom's from the beach are my clients and I treat them all equal. Meeting new people, places and things across the Gulf Cost and soon through every state to Texas is my journey or as I call it #MYRide.  I do meet and invite folks in social situations to my site, I even have some cash and carry items in the Wood E. Wagon, my renovation project on wheels, the 24' 1989 Jayco RV. He is on TWITTER, he doesn't tweet much, his lug nuts get in the way.  If you are a wholesale buyer needing bulk or power buy information the whole sale information is behind a password protected wall - Just visit my BECOME A DEALER  page  to get access approval. Every one is welcome to VISIT MY BUY LOCALLY page  OR visit my GAS IN THA' TANK MARKET - I REPEAT SHOP LOCAL and keep our country AWESOME.




Using all the skills from all my many past projects I will work every day, ok well not every day but the days I work - yeah that sounds better - I strive to make sure that I supply custom customer or client direct information. I only speak about what I know of my brands. Facts. I use precise product information to build long lasting realtionships.  


I enjoy the marketing of products for people helping folks find comfort in some way, usually with a laugh. Both businesses or brands that I currently have in my portfolio are small business. The heartbeat of our economy. Traveling to small towns America meeting folks in the community where you are and adding to my story. That is enlightening. 


I would like to think that if you read my BLOG Road Rage you will be OH so INFORMED, ENLIGHTENED & ENTERTAINED. I've always enjoyed the goofing off and being a know it all. 

I write like I talk, good luck! Enjoy the Road Rage. 


“It's The LOVE in my HEART for the FRIENDS on my MIND that GOD BLESSES my SOUL , so that I can MAKE LIFE HAPPEN!” -Taz Cable